What is Astrology

Astrology is the oldest known divination system in existence. People have been watching the stars since at least the Babylonians. Over the centuries, astrologers have observed the patterns that the stars and planets make to see how they affect human behavior and fortune. Today, astrology is still a popular way to find out more about yourself and what will happen in the future. Almost everyone has seen horoscopes in the newspapers and knows what their Sun sign is.
A (very) Brief History of Western Astrology
Until the Greeks, astrologers would watch the sky to see when particular stars rose and when planets would meet those stars. These omens were unconnected to individual births. When the Greeks were able to calculate which stars were rising at the time of birth that was when horoscopes were able to be created. From the Greeks it went to the Arabs where it combined with Indian forms of astrology and their own native star lore.
Eventually this knowledge made its way back to Europe as translations of Greek and Arabic astrology texts were performed. Astrologers were very well regarded in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, though their services were normally only affordable to the rich. This is when the art grew to its highest levels.
Unfortunately, when the age of reason came along astrology fell out of favor. When people tried to bring it back in the 19th century they had to couch it as a tool of psychology, a new science at the time, in order to gain acceptance. Traditional astrology and modern astrology are now very different, but each has their advantages. Modern astrology is very good at psychological analysis, while traditional astrology’s hallmark is prediction.
Come explore the secrets of the stars yourself! Browse through our pages and discover what you can learn about this ancient art.

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