Tarot Reading and Time

For someone who never tried Tarot reading, your first question might be: “How in the world can those cards predict my future?”
Sensible question, I must say. How can a tarot card tell you about your future? A card with nothing but a picture and a title predict your current state in life and predict how you are going to end up in the future? But before we go on with that, let me just inform you that tarot reading won’t just tell you about your future, as it deals with your Past, Present and Future. Sounds interesting now?
First, let’s take a look at the decks.
A normal tarot deck has 78 cards. 22 of these cards make up the “Major Arcana” or the trump cards. These 22 cards are considered the most important out the 78 cards. The “Major Arcana” cards are known to represent the most crucial parts of one’s life – from birth to death.
Birth and death, they signify the past and the present.
Most people perceive tarot reading as a way of knowing the future. That’s why it is known to be a form of divination, the attempt to see what lies ahead. But reality wise, the future is always haunted by your past. What you do now, will affect or should I say predict your future. That is why, what you do NOW (present) is crucial. You can’t change your past. We don’t have a ‘time machine’ and reverse back the past. The good news is we can always do something about it today.
With tarot reading, we are able to see our Past, Present & Future state. It can be used as a tool to analyze our current state in life, on why we are where we are at right now and determine our next steps. With the help of these cards, we are given an insight, an overview of our lives. The cards, may either give us good or bad news. The good news is the choice is ours. Will you allow it to break you or shape you?

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